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As part of the Intaba’s commitment to help other non-profit organizations from who have unique causes that include deaf people from lesser developed societies, her founder and CEO, Dr. Murdock Henderson, will be taking on South America’s mighty Amazon River this upcoming summer in a kayak encompassing some 3,200 miles, an incredible team-oriented expedition that is geared to bring about not only more awareness about global deaf rights but also as a massive fundraising campaign for those in direst need, including those who live along the River.

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    Kayak route that TEAM MARENTEZA will be taking from Pucallpa, Peru to Belém, Brazil in 2014.

In preparation for our 2014 ultramarathon world record attempt down the Amazon, Team Marenteza will be going on a training run from Santarem, Brazil to Belem, Brazil on June 6, 2013 through June 20, 2013.



TEAM MARENTEZA--joining Murdock will be the following paddlers:

  • Igor Vianna, age 26, founder of MARENTEZA CANOAGEM SCHOOL
  • Thiago Santos, age 26, instructor of MARENTEZA CANOAGEM SCHOOL
  • Ivaldo, age 41, who paddled the Amazon River from Santarém until Belém a record four times. Ivaldo also guides many expeditions on the world-famous Tapajós River

For more information about the MARENTEZA CANOAGEM SCHOOL, please log on to:

Come paddle with us, support our causes.

For each paddle, estimated to be 2,250,000 in total, we hope to find a matching donation.
Your contribution will create opportunities to help other non-profit organizations.


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